Digital World Map

Digital World Map 1.0

Offers you a current picture of the world in the year 2011
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A satellite photograph displays the reality (at the time of the photograph), however it is often not clear enough to be used as a travel map or route map and its structures are confusing. The alternative would be a scan, photo or a video sequence from an atlas or other mapping documents. Apart from copyright aspects, such an image includes even more irrelevant details and information in the picture, which one does not need at all for its actual purposes.
Digital World Map offers you a current picture of the world in the year 2011.With a size of 131,072 x 65,536 pixels, you can store over 4000 HDTV videos with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels on it. Digital World Map offers a mix of detail and clarity, which had already impressed a lot of people in the Digital HD Maps.

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